Convocation - Clayton Cobb, Board of Pensions PCUSA

Clayton Cobb, the Regional Representative for the Board of Pensions in our area, is a great communicator, extremely knowledgeable, and caring. He has worked for the Board of Pensions since 2011, serving the Synods of the Southwest: Synod of Southern California, Hawaii, Colorado and Utah. Before joining the Board, he was a pastor for 33 years serving three congregations, most recently St. Peters by the Sea in Palos Verdes. He and his wife, Jeannie, live in San Pedro. Clayton will review the health of our Pension Program, our Medicare supplement, and resources with our Assistance Program. To contact him with your questions or set up an appointment, his address
is [email protected] Phone is 1-800-773-7752, extension 7048.

Event Date: 
February 15, 2018
Marwick Place